Going Global

Well the site has hit 250 view and has also been viewed by people in the United Kingdom and Ireland. So, a special welcome to those of you who are visiting the site internationally. Please continue to spread the word about this WordPress site. I am continuing to add to the site content, provide more information relating to Mental Health Issues and of course updating my book(s) as I write.

I would really appreciate some comments and/or feedback relating to anything to do with the site and it’s content but would really like some in regards to my book ‘A Mind Not My Own’. I have already received a offer to publish the book, however at this stage I am not ready to do so and am really wanting to do this in conjunction with a Mental Health Support Organisation in Australia.

I have also added a Guest Book. Even if you don’t want to follow the blog via email etc. would love you to sign the guest book so I can see who is visiting the site.



About malensteptoe
I am work for one of Australia's big 4 banks in the System Admin Team. I am also a mental health sufferer. Currently diagnosed with OCD, MDD, Panic Disorder, Anxiety Disorder, Agoraphobia and Trichotillomania. I also write books and a blog. I am an advocate for change of the view towards mental health sufferers. We can and are beneficial people in society, with much to offer and contribute. We are not all violent, actually the percentage of violent tendencies in the mentally ill and those without mental illness are no different. You may work with someone right next to someone with mental illness and never know. So maybe it's time to re-evaluate your opinions?

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