So as said yesterday seemed that I forgot to take my medications on Saturday night. Yesterday was not a pleasant day, but I figured once I had taken them last night and slept I would feel better. When I missed a dose of Pristiq I felt off, but once I took it again the following day and had a sleep I would wake feeling more like myself. This did not happen today.

I went to bed last night and hell did I sleep. I remember waking up once but it was brief. I slept through some of my alarms this morning but I woke up about 20 to 8. I say woke up but I wasn’t awake, I just wasn’t sleeping. I could barely get my eyes open enough to send a message to work to let them know I wasn’t gonna be able to come in. I couldn’t keep my eyes open, walk a straight line or think clearly at all. I got the text off to work and was back asleep within a few minutes. Slept for another 4 hours or so and woke up. Still barely functional, felt really wobbly on my feet and like I wasn’t really awake, like I was dreaming everything but not.

At that point I was really glad I had called in sick. There was no way I was going to be able to get my arse to work even after a few more let alone when I should have been there. I could barely make it to the lounge let alone drive. Still hours later I have a thumping headache, I’m still feeling a bit wonky, if I move my head too fast I feel like dizzy, kinda like the floor has become unstable. I have taken Panadeine Extra for my headache but it’s hardly made a dent.

It amazes me that just how much of an impact missing one dose can have and I am not gonna repeat the processes any time soon. I will definitely be having a chat to my Psychiatrist tomorrow about it all. I am really hopeful that I feel back to normal tomorrow. It really pisses me off, on the medication I feel slightly better but if I forget them my world completely stops. It seems to me that it’s a great way to ensure that your customer base stays “loyal”. If the side effects of your medication are bad, the side effects of not being on them are worse. To come off anti-depressants you have to slowly tapper off, so even if it is determined you no longer need them you take them for a few more months while you come off them. Seems to me that these highly addictive drugs, that if you don’t take have serious adverse effects and therefore you make sure you can afford them regardless of their costs because life without them, well that just doesn’t work. Seems that they have some similarities to some other drugs which the government deems illegal and they use some of the above as reasons why they should be illegal. Now I am not saying make illegal drugs legal, but would be nice if some more research went into making medications that weren’t so shitty.


About malensteptoe
I am work for one of Australia's big 4 banks in the System Admin Team. I am also a mental health sufferer. Currently diagnosed with OCD, MDD, Panic Disorder, Anxiety Disorder, Agoraphobia and Trichotillomania. I also write books and a blog. I am an advocate for change of the view towards mental health sufferers. We can and are beneficial people in society, with much to offer and contribute. We are not all violent, actually the percentage of violent tendencies in the mentally ill and those without mental illness are no different. You may work with someone right next to someone with mental illness and never know. So maybe it's time to re-evaluate your opinions?

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